May, 2016
A few videos I made for a performance I had in Frascati theater, Amsterdam. It was my research on dirt, called My bears, my bones, my teeth.


December, 2015
In Remetinec, the prison in Zagreb, Croatia, I had an opportunity to work with the prisoners on creating a stop motion animation video. This is what we made!



puppet animation 
year: 2012
duration: 3'20''

director, script, design, animation, puppets, sets, editingDina Rončević
puppet heads: Dina Karadž
sound design and mix: Julio del Toro

made as a trailer on an art residenvy in CANTE, San Luis Potosi, Mexico


7'06'' | HD | puppet animation, stop motion
OT: Na prvi pogled
At First Sight deals with the impossibility of communication between people, and the way in which we influence others without knowing it. One morning a young man notices a girl in a window opposite his own. She soon becomes the sole focus of his attention. The young man sparks off a series of unpredictable events that spread far beyond their real or imagined connection.
Director / Screenplay Lea Kralj Jager
Cinematography Dubravka Kurobasa
Editor Ivana Fumić
Animation Dina Rončević, Darko Masnec, Lea Kralj Jager
Set Designers / Puppets Vida Guzmić, Darko Masnec, Lea Kralj Jager
Compositing Darko Masnec
Music Robert Bagarić
Sound Designer Nikola Kovač
Producer Vinko Brešan
Production / Distribution Zagreb film

STORY FROM THE BEGINNING OF TIME (head animator on a film by Božidar Trkulja)

stop motion animation 
year: 2012
format: HD
duration: 10'
distribution: Bonobostudio

production: Bonobostudio
director, script, design: Božidar Trkulja
animation: Dina Rončević
puppets, sets, additional design and animation: Ivana Bošnjak, Thomas Johnson
supervision and editing: Simon Bogojević Narath

music: Vladimir Sokačić, Božidar Trkulja

sound design and mix: Hrvoje Radnić

voices: Marko Dimić, Vladimir Sokačić, Božidar Trkulja, Ivana Vlašić

compositing and special effects: Goran Mitrović

producer: Vanja Andrijević

In the beginning of time, in an African-like village where the people believed in various wonders, the tribe shaman, disturbed by the vision of the mythical monster’s coming, chooses a young warrior who needs to go to the end of the world and find the White Girl, the only one who can help him conquer the demon and defeat eternal darkness.
The journey is uncertain, time is scarce and the village shaman is talkative.
Watch it here


  • Best Regional Film Award, Kratkofil Plus 2012
  • Best Film in Balkan Competition, Anibar 2012

TV broadcast

Klasik TV


Days of Croatian Film (16/04-21/04/2012)
Tabor Film Festival (8/7-14/7/2012)
Kratkofil Plus International Film Festival (18/7-22/7/2012)
Supertoon International Animation Festival (30/7-3/8/2012)
Opuzen Film Festival (18/8-25/8/2012)
Anibar International Animation Festival (22/8-27/8/2012)
Animanima International Animation Festival (6/9-9/9/2012)
KROK International Animated Film Festival (9/9-18/9/2012)
Anifest Rozafa International Festival of Animated Film (25/9-29/9/2012)
Se-Ma-For Film Festival (10/10-13/10/2012)
Banja Luka International Animated Film Festival (23/10-28/10/2012)
Tindirindis International Animated Film Festival (22/10-28/10/2012)
Istanbul Animation Festival (23/11-28/11/2012)
Olympia International Film Festival (1/12-8/12/2012)
Animateka International Animated Film Festival (3/12-12/12/2012)
Be There! Corfu Animation Festival (4/4-7/4/2013)
Golden Kuker International Animation Festival (7/5-12/5/2013)
River Film Festival (28/5-9/6/2013)
Leiden International Short Film Experience (1/6-8/6/2013)
Outbox International Short Film Festival (27/6-30/6//2013)
SICAF Seoul International Cartoon and Animation Festival (23/7-28/7/2013)
Baranja Animation Festival (23/08-24/08/2013)
St.Petersburg International Festival of Debut and Student Films (13/9-20/9/2013)
Encounters Short Film and Animation Festival (17/9-22/9/2013)
Tuzla Film Festival (18/9-22/9/2013)
Short Form International Short Film Festival (26/9-29/9/2013)
Primanima World Festival of New Animations (23/10-26/10/2013)
Landshut Short Film Festival (26/3-31/3/2014)
VAFI International Children and Youth Festival (22/4-27/4/2014)
Animafest Zagreb – World Festival of Animated Film (Croatian Stop Motion Programme), (3/6-8/6/2014)
Annecy International Animation Film Festival (Croatian Stop Motion Programme), (9/6-14/6/2014) 
Laimjala Short Nights Short Film Festival (31/7-1/8/2014)

LUNCH  (animation assistance on "Lunch",  film by Ana Hušman)

experimental film
year: 2008
format: Beta SP (transferred from 16mm)
duration: 17'20"
production: Pangolin
distribution: Bonobostudio

screenwriter and director: Ana Hušman
director of photography: Ivan Slipčević
camera assistant: Marko Rukavina
styling: Maja Krišković, Snježana Topalušić
stage manager: Dragutin Hušman
animation: Ana Hušman, Dina Rončević, Lala Raščić, Marko Rukavina, Maja Krišković, Nicole Hewitt 
sound recording: Ana Hušman
sound design: Tomislav Domes
music: Tad bi me primio za ruku (instrumental), ZVUKBRODA
editor: Iva Kraljević
executive producer: Maja Jurić

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Croatia. To view a copy of this license, visit;

Ironic examination of the books of etiquette and customs of eating and drinking, 

as communal eating is the central site of showing others our breeding and finesse.


  • Grand Prix, 17th Days of Croatian Film, Zagreb 2008
  • Best Experimental Film, Days of Croatian Film, Zagreb 2008
  • Audience Award, 17th Days of Croatian Film, Zagreb 2008
  • Special Mention, Tabor Film Festival, 2008
  • Fuji Award, 25FPS International Experimental Film Festival, Zagreb 2008
  • Special Mention, Stuttgarter Filmwinter 2009


Klasik TV


Days of Croatian Film, Zagreb (25/3-30/3/2008)
Dokufest, Intl documentary and short film festival, Prizren, 2008
Tabor film festival, Veliki Tabor (11/7-19/7/2008)
Pula film festival, 2008
Expresion en corto, Mexico (18/7-27/7/2008)
Invideo, Milano, 2008
Exground filmfest, Wiesbaden (14/11-25/11/2008)
Reggio film festival, 2008
International Short Film Festival Detmold, 2008
Festival del video racconto, Italy, 2008
MIRfestival, Greece, 2008
Chroma Audiovisual Art Festival, Mexico, 2008
25FPS International experimental film festival, Zagreb (23/9-28/9/2008)
Alternative film video, Belgrade (10/12-14/12/2008)
Stuttgarter Filmwinter (22/1-25/1/2009)
International Film Festival Rotterdam (27/1-7/2/2009)
KaraFilm Festival – International Karachi Film Festival (4/2-15/2/2009)
Animabasauri, Bilbao (20/3-27/3/2009)
Mecal International Short Film Festival, Barcelona (27/3-5/4/2009)
Mediawave – Another Connection, International Film and Music Festival, Gyor (25/4-2/5/2009)
Slow Food on Film Festival, Bologna (6/5-10/5/2009)
Maremetraggio International Short Film Festival, Trieste (26/6-4/7/2009)
LEZZET Film Festival, Tetovo (29/6-3/7/2009)
Chungmuro International Film Festival, Seoul (24/8-3/9/2009)
Darklight Festival, Dublin (8/10-10/10/2009)
New Waves, New Ways, Prague (19/10-25/10/2009)
L'Alternativa 2009 - Barcelona Independent Film Festival (13/11-21/11/2009)
UNLIMITED - European Short Film Festival Cologne (18/11-23/11/2009)
Festival Tous Courts, Aix-en-Provence (1/12-5/12/2009)
International Video Festival VIDEOMEDEJA, Novi Sad (11/12-13/12/2009)
Linoleum - International Festival of Animation & Media Art, Moscow (11/12-13/12/2009)
Traverse Vidéo, Toulouse (10/3-27/3/2010)
Flatpack Festival, Birmingham (23/3-28/3/2010)
Dortmund / Cologne Women’s Film Festival (14/4-18/4/2010)
International Bunker Film Festival, Ventimiglia (22/7-26/7/2010)
Vox Feminae Festival, Zagreb (16/9-19/9/2010)
Tutti nello stesso piatto International Food, Film & Videodiversity Festival, Trento (10/11-10/12/2010)
Motovun Film Festival (Best Croatian Shorts 2000-2012), (28/7-1/8/2012)
Slow Filme International Film and Food Festival, Sao Paulo (09/2012)