Vehicle is an artist-engineer cooperation project made during one month. The work was exhibited on Youth Salon in Zagreb, Croatia. I developed the project in cooperation with Ivan Turcin and we had Dina Karadzic and Anja Novkovic as assistants.

The goal was to make a very simple construction which could serve as a poligon for learning some basic mechanical principles in a group which consisted of three women and one man. 
Also, practical experience shows that if there are two or more men in a group that has mechanics as a subject, they will likely take over the conversation. I wanted to make an artificial situation so the three of us could really learn something, which meant that there was only one man with us, an engineer, Ivan Turcin.

Also, the idea of cooperation was held all the way to the end. The final outcome is a vehicle which is run separately by each driver. So, each driver has to adjust the speed and way she/he directs the wheels, to the other driver. 
Working together is necessary.
At some point, when not cooperating, because of the forces working in different directions, the wheels brake and fall off, and than we have a different way of driving.
The vehicle gets new wheels, the ones that turn in all directions, and the steering wheel is not used anymore, so direction is controlled by using brakes. Left one for turning left, and the right one for turning right.