A theatrical research made within the Fraslab program in Frascati theatre, Amsterdam. 
A continuation of my Eating Dirt research, in which I am exploring human relation to environment. In this case, I focused on dirt itself.
A performance about environment and humanity, a daymare about the urge to be enveloped.

Three bears were coming from behind. They were elegant and tall. Slowly, one of them spoke in a clear voice: ‘You should beware, because you are not taking good care of the bones of the animals you eat.’ 

scène photograhpy Bas de Brouwer 
many thanks to Nikola Ljubojević, Đurđa Vidiček, Štefica Bošnjak, Antonio Bošnjak, Tomislav Šporčić

Video Beetroot, carp fish and me
directing and editing Dina Rončević 
performed and filmed by Ivana Furač

Video Dirting
directed and performed by Dina Rončević 
animation Ivana Bošnjak 
technical support Ivana Furač, Stjepan Bošnjak


A presentation in Frascati theatre, produced as a part of Changing places program. In the beginning, I was introduced to Kamers met kansen (rooms with chances), a social organisation in Amsterdam that accommodates youngsters between 18 and 26 years of age. After many failed attempts of trying to get to know them and to work with them, I finally gave in, took my canvas and started painting in one of their apartments. That is also what created conditions for a conversation to start..

Below: some of the material produced during research and shown during the presentation.



Performance in a train, Zagreb- Paris, Simplon Express project, 2012

duration: variable

The work “Orgasms” was made in June 2012 in a restaurant wagon on a train trip from Zagreb to Paris. Project name was “Simplon Express - the return” and it related to the project made in 1989, on a train ride, which also included artists interventions.
17 artists from Croatia and France participated by making art interventions during the ride in 2012.

I decided to masturbate - but not in a way that first comes to your mind. Women can reach orgasm just by crossing legs and stimulating the clitoris by pressing thigh muscles to each other.

Close to midnight, I put my dress on, went to the restaurant in the train and I started flexing my muscles.

What I see as an act of power in this work is the invisibility that I can use to enjoy myself, to enjoy the female body - fully dressed in a packed restaurant wagon of a moving train.
Also, the fact that many women don´t know of the possibility to have an orgasm in such a discrete manner seemed fascinating and significant to me, so I decided to make a public work out of it.

Final outcome of all the works is a 45 minutes video.