Arte Util in Gallery Nova, Zagreb, Croatia

Its a really interesting project, initiated by Tania Bruguera, google it, but let me give you a clue:

The criteria of Arte Util state that initiatives should:
1- Propose new uses for art within society
2- Challenge the field within which it operates (civic, legislative, pedagogical, scientific, economic, etc)
3- Be ‘timing specific’, responding to current urgencies
4- Be implemented and function in real situations
5- Replace authors with initiators and spectators with users
6- Have practical, beneficial outcomes for its users
7- Pursue sustainability whilst adapting to changing conditions
8- Re-establish aesthetics as a system of transformation

This was the deal:
I buy a motorbike, choose a girl I want to work with, teach her the basics of driving the bike, maintaining it and fixing it and after I leave her with some tools and guts and Im sure she is capable of handling it alone, I transfer the ownership of the bike on her name. She has an obligation to do the same thing with some other girl. Afterwards that girl finds another girl, and she finds another girl...

I chose to work with Dina Karadzic, again, yes, I know, but she is great to work with. And she made this very cool photo on our jourey through eastern Croatia, when we went to buy protective equipment.

It took us about a month of dedicated research to find the most adequate bike. We chose a (semi)dirt bike because Dina doesnt actually have a drivers licence so driving through mud is probably a matter of time. Throughout the process, it turned out that Zoran Vukosavljevic was of enormous help. He basically became the side tutor and even brought along another incredible (both enthusiast and professional) creature - Ivan Mak. Highly motivated, in hot Croatian May sun, we made love with our Honda.

Context matters, of course. And I never know in which way until I actually arrive to the location itself... 

Meeting a 19yr old who drives since he was 12. "Police? I have no respect for them. If they are after me, I hit the fields". The thing is, its imposible to register a dirt bike. You can be legal only on a dirt track.

People, listen! Go and visit continental Croatia!

Weather is awful, people boring, motorbikes outdated, life sucks, modeling rules.

Thats it. Thats what we chose.

It came in quite a bad condition, with numerous details to work on, but in general, it was the best buy for the budget we had. Besides, our goal was to work on the bike, too, not just sit on it and drive.

First ride, shitting my pants - didnt drive since 2009.

Of course I got lost, drove in the opposite direction.. Mak helped, again.

Dina started working on it, as it was in quite a bad state.

I cant tell you how it was for her. She will, hopefully. Ill keep you updated.

Its up to Miss Dina now! <3